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BACK TO CHRISTMAS DAY... [Jan. 9th, 2006|08:19 am]
Muggle London



Ur FaveRaven: *grabs his coat from the stool and pulls it on* *watches Luna
as she goes to the fridge and pulls out some wet cat food for Angel* I fed
her this morning.
LunaLovegood52: Yes, but we'll be gone all day and she might get
hungry...*opens the can, dumping it into the food bowl*
Ur FaveRaven: *sighs and waits by the door* Fine.
Luna Lovegood 52: *puts the can in the recycling bin, wiping her hands on
her pants* *looks around* I believe that's it.
Ur FaveRaven: Great. *picks up the stack of gifts from the counter and
turns towards the door assuming Luna's getting her jacket on*
Luna Lovegood 52: *grabs her jacket from the hook* Oh, do you think we
should tell Nick we're leaving?
Ur FaveRaven: *glances back at her as he opens the door* Nick? Why Nick?
Luna Lovegood 52: Because he can look in on Snuffins if we need...We should
at least tell him Happy Christmas...
Ur FaveRaven: *rolls his eyes slightly and heads out the door* Fine.
Luna Lovegood 52: *pulls on her jacket as they step out* We should be nice,
we don't have a million neighbors...*walks across the hall, knocking on the
Ur FaveRaven: *leans against the wall, trying to keep his cool, frustrated
that they're already late and in the back of his mind regretting the fact that
he invited her* *to himself* It's Christmas.... that's an awful thought...
*to Luna, a little more kinder* I-I don't think anyone's home. We should go.
Luna Lovegood 52: We should wish the flat Happy Christmas...*starts to pull
out her wand, forgetting she has a key*
Ur FaveRaven: *eyes widen and reaches for her wirst* *hisses* Luna!
Luna Lovegood 52: *looks at him* What? Oh! *pushes her wand back into her
pocket* Sorry.
Ur FaveRaven: *sighs loudly* Luna, we have to go. Enough nonsense.
Luna Lovegood 52: Wait! I have a key...somewhere...*starts digging in her
multitude of pockets*
Ur FaveRaven: Luna, the flat'll be fine. I-I'm sure someone'll be home
before this evening.
Luna Lovegood 52: *pulls a key from her pocket, grinning* I told
you...*puts the key in the lock, turning it and opening the door* *peeks in* Hello?
Anyone home?
Ur FaveRaven: *lets his eyes close* Of course she has a key to Nick and
Josh's flat. Why not? *pushes from the wall and steps to the doorway as she
enters cheerfully* Luna? Quickly. Please.
Luna Lovegood 52: They're not here...*hears Towel in his cage* Oh, they
left him here alone...*looks at Terry* You think I should stay with them?
Ur FaveRaven: *furrows brow* With who?
Luna Lovegood 52: Towel and the flat! They'll be lonely...
Ur FaveRaven: *hands on hips* Oh my gods, Luna. The flat is an inanimate
object. The ferret is fine.
Luna Lovegood 52: *gasps* *puts a hand on the wall, whispering to it* Don't
listen to him!
Ur FaveRaven: *getting angry* Luna.
Luna Lovegood 52: *puts her hands on her hips* Terry, they've got feelings
Ur FaveRaven: *juts a finger out at the clock on the wall* We were supposed
to be at my mum's an hour ago. Do you see what time it is? Let Josh worry
about his animals.
Luna Lovegood 52: *huffs* Josh isn't here to worry about his animals!
Ur FaveRaven: *louder* They're not your responsibility!
Luna Lovegood 52: I'm trying to be neighborly! I would hope they would do
the same if this happened to us!
Ur FaveRaven: If what happened to us?! They've not left the country, Luna!
*pauses a moment* Wait. Does Nick have a key to our flat? Did you give Nick a
key to our flat?
Luna Lovegood 52: Well, yeah, I thought we should have an extra somewhere...
Ur FaveRaven: Nick?
Luna Lovegood 52: What's wrong with Nick?
Ur FaveRaven: What's wrong with Josh? O-or Andy? O-or... or Mrs. Finkle for
Christ's sake?!
Luna Lovegood 52: Nick was home and Josh wasn't!
Ur FaveRaven: *falls back heavily against the wall* Fine. Can we go?
Luna Lovegood 52: Fine...*looks around again, still worried*
Ur FaveRaven: *crosses his arms, knowing she's not ready to leave* Luna?
Luna Lovegood 52: Well, I just...couldn't I do a teensy protection spell at
least? They'll never know it's here...
Ur FaveRaven: *scowls* Luna. You can stay here if you want. I need to go.
Luna Lovegood 52: *frowns* Fine, go without me. I'll spend Christmas with
Ur FaveRaven: *angry that she'd rather spend the night in their neighbor's
flat out of stubborness then go to his mom's after she was so kind enough to
invite her* The ferret's name is Atticus. Stop making up names for other
people's pets.
Luna Lovegood 52: His name was Towel first!
Ur FaveRaven: That name... i-isn't... e-even a name!
Luna Lovegood 52: *knows he's getting upset as he stutters more, but is mad
he doesn't understand* Who defines what's a name? Terry is a kind of cloth,
you know. Does that make your name not real?
Ur FaveRaven: *hates that's she's analyzing this, especially when they're
already late* I don't know... or care, okay?
LunaLovegood52: *sighs, exasperated* Why do I even bother?
Ur FaveRaven: I-I'm not really sure.
LunaLovegood52: *puts her hands on her hips angrily* Neither am I.
Ur FaveRaven: *upper lip curls up in a scowl, thinking Luna is just about ready
for a duel now to waste even more of his time* I have to go. *turns quickly,
ramming the presents into the door frame accidentally which makes him even
angrier* Goddamn it! *huffs and storms out of the flat*
LunaLovegood52: *scowls, slamming the door behind him*
Ur FaveRaven: *hears the door slam, rattling the walls around him* *shouts*
You're insufferable!
LunaLovegood52: *shouts back* You're a bastard!