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[Jan. 11th, 2006|07:49 pm]
Muggle London



TheNickmeister11 : *opens his door, not even noticing it was unlocked* *shrugs out of his coat, thinking about the football game that was on* *goes to the kitchen, getting an ale, popping it open as he heads for the couch, tossing the lid in the trash* *starts to sit before noticing it's occupied*
Luna Lovegood 52 : *is asleep on the couch, her copy of the Iliad that Terry bought her open from where she was reading to the flat and Towel*
TheNickmeister11 : Wow, Josh. Merry Christmas to you too! *grins, leaning down to shake her awake*
Luna Lovegood 52 : *jerks awake, sitting up quickly, scooting into the corner of the couch as much as possible* *looks up at Nick, eyes wide* Nick!
TheNickmeister11 : *gives her a weird look* Yes, Nick. Happy Christmas. Where's your bow?
Luna Lovegood 52 : My beau? I don't have a beau.
TheNickmeister11 : *grins, sitting beside her* Ah, so this is plain wrapping, I see. I'll have to tell Josh to get it done professionally next time...
Luna Lovegood 52 : *stares blankly at him with her wide eyes*
TheNickmeister11 : Right, bit of a joke. Sorry. So, what is such a lovely blonde doing on my couch on Christmas day?
Luna Lovegood 52 : I was babysitting. I know you'd do the same for us.
TheNickmeister11 : Babysitting, right, right...uh…*sounds worried* where's the baby?
Luna Lovegood 52 : *giggles* There's no baby, don't worry...I was watching over the flat and Towel, so they wouldn't get lonely.
TheNickmeister11 : Towel? And you know, the flat probably does get lonely, I should leave the TV or a radio on or something, huh?
Luna Lovegood 52 : Towel! *points at Atticus* Of course.
TheNickmeister11 : You mean Atticus? He's alright, I left him plenty of food. And I wasn't gone that long...
Luna Lovegood 52 : It's Christmas, they shouldn't be alone.
TheNickmeister11 : Yeah? What about you? What're you even reading? *looks at the book* Is this English?
Luna Lovegood 52 : It's the Iliad, and no. It's Latin.
TheNickmeister11 : *makes a face* You read Latin? Latin is for nerds.
Luna Lovegood 52 : Yes, well, there's nothing so good as the original. *pulls the book from his hands, closing it and hugging it close to her chest*
TheNickmeister11 : I see. *rolls his eyes* Thanks for watching the place, Luna...*gives her a grin* Let me know how I can thank you...
Luna Lovegood 52 : Oh, it's no problem, really.
TheNickmeister11 : *takes a drink of his ale, nodding* Oh, hey...*leans his bottle towards her a bit* Want one?
Luna Lovegood 52 : Oh, no thank you...I should probably go, actually, don't want my own flat to feel neglected. And I'm sure Snuffins is lonely too. She's not even opened her presents yet.
TheNickmeister11 : Presents? For a cat?
Luna Lovegood 52 : Of course! She's got feelings too!
TheNickmeister11 : Uh huh. So what did the cat get for Christmas?
Luna Lovegood 52 : I can't tell, she might hear. You can come over later and I'll show you.
TheNickmeister11 : And disturb yours and Terry's Christmas time?
Luna Lovegood 52 : Terry's at his mother's, but you're right, I should wait for him to get her to open them. Maybe I'll let her have one.
TheNickmeister11 : At his mum's? *takes a drink* Without you?
Luna Lovegood 52 : I had to babysit, remember?
TheNickmeister11 : I see. You were going to go?
Luna Lovegood 52 : Of course I was. I'll have to send a note to his mother apologizing.
TheNickmeister11 : *smirks* Was he proposing or something?
Luna Lovegood 52: *flushes slightly, looking away from him* Propose? Why would he do that?
TheNickmeister11: Oh, come on, I've seen how T looks at you.
Luna Lovegood 52: Looks at me? What do you mean?
TheNickmeister11: You're kidding me...you two aren't knocking boots yet?
Luna Lovegood 52: *tilts her head* Knocking boots?
TheNickmeister11: Shagging, fucking, having sex, making love, whatever you want to call it.
Luna Lovegood 52: *eyes widen* No, no we're not shagging! I've got to go!
TheNickmeister11: Well, why not? The boy's crazy about you, and everyone knows you want to shag him silly.
Luna Lovegood 52: He does not want me. He's got better things to do than me.
TheNickmeister11: *smirks* I doubt that...but hey, if you're not attached, what're you doing next week?
Luna Lovegood 52: Working, most likely.
TheNickmeister11: How'd you like to do a little work on the side? We pay well...
Luna Lovegood 52: What exactly would I be doing?
TheNickmeister11: Stripping for Josh...You're blonde, if we can't get Chriss, you'll probably do.
Luna Lovegood 52: *eyes widen* Oh! I don't think so...thank you, though. *stands* Happy Christmas, Nick. *moves towards the door*
TheNickmeister11: *smirks, reaching for the remote as she leaves* You have no idea.