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BACK TO CHRISTMAS DAY... [Jan. 12th, 2006|01:02 am]
Muggle London



Ur FaveRaven: *lands in his mother's floo, coughing from the black smoke around him*
Mom: Oh, Terry! *hurries over to the fireplace, arms outstretched to take his shoulder and urge him out* Dear, it's so good to see you!
Ur FaveRaven: *wipes his eye with his dirty sleeve as he comes out* Mum... *cough* I thought you were gonna sweep... *cough*
Mom: *worries* Oh dear, I know... *pats the dirt from his coat only to create more black clouds around his face* I told your sister to-
Ur FaveRaven: *holds up a hand, taking a step away from her* Mum. *cough* Mum, stop. You're making it worse.
Mom: *frowns* Oh my. I'm so sorry. *notices the packages* Here, let me take those from you and you can go wash up.
Ur FaveRaven: *hands his mother the pile of gifts, trying to wipe the soot from his eyes* Thanks.
Mom: *after a moment, looks back to the floo* Well, where's Luna, dear?
Ur FaveRaven: *immediately frowns and mutters* She's not coming.
Mom: *moves to the floo to check up the chimney* What's that dear?
Ur FaveRaven: *notices his mom and gets annoyed that she's so concerned over Luna* *to himself* She preferred sitting in an empty flat - how about that mum? *out loud* Mum. *louder when she doesn't step from the floo* Mum!
Mom: *looks back at Terry*
Ur FaveRaven: *still frowning* She's not coming. She has... other things. *waves her off* I dunno.
Mom: *frowns herself, finally leaving the fireplace* Oh. I see.
Ur FaveRaven: *looks away from his mother, not wanting to create an invitation to pry further*
Mom: *drops her own eyes, disappointed* I see. *moves past Terry to put the presents under the tree* Well, I hope she has somewhere to go for the holiday. She shouldn't be alone.
Ur FaveRaven: *growls inwardly* She's fine.
Mom: *nods, bending to put down the gifts*
Ur FaveRaven: *watches his mother a moment then shakes the empty feeling away* I'm gonna go get cleaned up. Where's Kim?
Mom: *straightens and brushes off her skirt* She's upstairs owling her new gentleman friend.
Ur FaveRaven: *rolls eyes slightly* Her boyfriend, mum? It's called a boyfriend.
Mom: She says he's not. *shrugs* So I don't ask.
Ur FaveRaven: Fine. *frowns a little sympathetically then goes to his mom* Merry Christmas, mum. *gives her a hug*
Mom: *hugs him back with a smile* Merry Christmas. I'm so glad you're home.
Ur FaveRaven: *kisses her cheek then pulls away* Sorry. I've just had a bad morning.
Mom: *nods, fixing her hair* It's fine. I understand. *motions to the stairs* Wash up, I need you to help me with the potatoes.
Ur FaveRaven: Ok mum. I'll be right back. *gives her a slight smile then heads up the stairs, two at a time*
Kim: *hears someone stomping up the stairs* Terence.
Ur FaveRaven: *heads towards the loo, pausing at his sister's door* Kimberly.
Kim: *looks up from a magazine and grins* You look terrible.
Ur FaveRaven: *rests against the doorway* You look thin.
Kim: *nods and stands* And your hair. *moves towards him* What's... what's it doing? *reaches up and tries to pat a piece down*
Ur FaveRaven: *pulls his head from her* It's got a mind of its own.
Kim: *smirks* Still?
Ur FaveRaven: *pushes her hand away as she reaches for the other side* *laughs* Lay off.
Kim: *drops her hand from him and grins* Happy yule, fool.
Ur FaveRaven: *smiles* Same to you. *looks past her at the window and starts into her room* Mum says you're writing your *makes air quotes* gentleman friend. *flops down on her bed*
Kim: *turns and follows after him* Oh my gosh with her. *rolls her eyes, leaning against her bed post* It's just some guy from work. We're mates.
Ur FaveRaven: *grins up at her, bringing a pillow to his chest* So when's the wedding?
Kim: *tries to hold back a grin, grabbing the pillow and smacking him in the face with it* We're not dating!
Ur FaveRaven: *laughs, shielding his face* You're sending mum's owl to the states and you're not even dating the guy?
Kim: Urgh! I should say the same for you. *airly* Living with Miss Luna out of wedlock. I should tell mum about that.
Ur FaveRaven: *eyes widen slightly, grabbing the pillow to hold it still* Don't you dare. And it's not even like that. L-luna and I are just mates. Strictly mates.
Kim: *pushes* Oh. So then mum should take it fine. I mean you're what now? Seventeen?
Ur FaveRaven: *gives her a look* Nineteen.
Kim: *nods* Right, right. You just act fifteen so I must've averaged the difference.
Ur FaveRaven: Ha ha. *sits up, casually glancing around the room with nostalgia* I have to wash up. Mum needs help in the kitchen.
Kim: *picks up her wand from her bedside table and flashes a spell at her music player to cut it off* I'll come down. I want to say hi to Luna.
Ur FaveRaven: *stands, dropping the pillow to the bed* She didn't come.
Kim: *looks at Terry* Mum said she was coming for dinner.
Ur FaveRaven: *avoids his sister's eyes* Something came up. *starts towards the door*
Kim: *studies him* Are you guys fighting?
Ur FaveRaven: *pauses ever so slightly* Wh-what?
Kim: FIghting. Did you get in a fight?
Ur FaveRaven: *doesn't turn to face her* *unconvincingly* No.
Kim: *crosses her arms* Then why didn't she come?
Ur FaveRaven: I told you... s-something came up.
Kim: *doesn't reply*
Ur FaveRaven: *stops in the doorway and looks back at her* What?
Kim: *shrugs innocently* I didn't say anything.
Ur FaveRaven: *sighs* We're not fighting. A-and who cares if we are?! I-it's not like... we're not...
Kim: Dating...
Ur FaveRaven: *narrows eyes* ....or anything.
Kim: You're stuttering.
Ur FaveRaven: *exasperatedly* I'm always stuttering!
Kim: Not always. Worse when you're out of sorts.
Ur FaveRaven: *holds up a hand* Whatever.
Kim: *watches him*
Ur FaveRaven: *furrows brow* I'm going. *leaves the room and goes to the loo*

---- Dinner table -----

Kim: *watching Terry*
Ur FaveRaven: *tries to ignore her*
Mom: So Terry, how are those nice folks that live across the way from you?
Kim: *under her breath* And the one that lives with you....
Ur FaveRaven: *raises his eyes and glares at his sister* Who mum?
Mom: *rests the bowl of potatoes back on the table after taking a spoonful* Oh, those lovely gentlemen. The one blonde-haired boy was soooo nice. *motions at Kim* Kimberly, you should go visit your brother sometime. Maybe he'll introduce you.
Ur FaveRaven: *grins as he chews on his corn bread*
Kim: *gives Terry a look before replying* Oh, mum! One moment you say I'm dating a guy from New York and now you want me to meet one of Terry's mates?
Ur FaveRaven: *looks at his mom, planning on never introducing Kim to Nick. Ever.* Mum, he's not her type.
Kim: *looks at Terry* Hey, how do you know?
Ur FaveRaven: *to Kim* He's just not.
Kim: What's that supposed to mean?
Ur FaveRaven: *narrows eyes* It means what it means. He's not your type.
Mom: *getting uncomfortable* Kim, Terry, alright. That's enough.
Kim: *to Terry* Who's his type?
Ur FaveRaven: I thought you had a boyfriend in New York.
Kim: *loudly* He's not my boyfriend!
Mom: That's enough...
Ur FaveRaven: I'm not writing my mates on Christmas Day...
Kim: Well, maybe you should be. An apology owl might be in order.
Ur FaveRaven: *gives her a look* Pardon?
Kim: *shrugs, looking at their mom* Mum, why didn't Luna come today? I thought you invited her.
Mom: Well, I did-
Ur FaveRaven: *growls at Kim* Drop it.
Kim: *back to Terry* Terry, why didn't Luna come? You didn't get into a fight did you?
Mom: *looks at Terry with concern*
Ur FaveRaven: Sh-she has other plans.
Kim: Hmm. And I could've sworn she told me she had no family in the area....
Ur FaveRaven: *stands suddenly* Shut up.
Kim: *eyes widen slightly*
Mom: *stands as well, dropping her fork on her plate and shouting* Enough!
Ur FaveRaven: *looks at his mom in surprise*
Mom: Sit down. Stop fighting the both of you. What is wrong with the two of you?
Kim: *looks down at her food sullenly*
Ur FaveRaven: *swallows and sits* *looks away from his mom bashfully*
Mom: My word. It is Christmas Day. Kimberly, you can write whomever you wish to write and Terence no one will push your friend's absence further. Can we agree to act civilized at least until I go to bed?
Kim: Yes mum.
Ur FaveRaven: *mutters* Sorry mum.
Mom: *studies them both then finally sits back down, picking up her fork to resume eating her dinner in peace*

--- Late night ---

Kim: *goes downstairs in the darkness, noticing some light dancing across the wall* *heading into the living room, sees that the television is on* *sits on the arm of the sofa* Can't sleep?
Ur FaveRaven: *sprawled across the couch, doesn't look up from the tv* No.
Kim: *staring at the bright box* Mum still only gets the three channels. She never got the hang of these muggle things.
Ur FaveRaven: It's alright.
Kim: *long pause* I'm sorry about the pushing. *looks over at him* Luna I mean.
Ur FaveRaven: *frowns* It doesn't matter. *glances at her* Sorry about the boyfriend thing.
Kim: *looks back at the tv* It wouldn't be so bad if he were. I just don't want mum to overeact to anything. It's like she needs me to get married. Like she's living for it. *frowns* I should be more patient with her.
Ur FaveRaven: Lack of patience runs in the family. *looks back to the tv as well* I lost my patience with her. Luna. We fought on our way out the door. Didn't make it down the bloody hall.
Kim: Sorry. I suppose my and mum's asking where she is all day didn't help.
Ur FaveRaven: Not much.
Kim: She didn't owl you?
Ur FaveRaven: No.
Kim: Nor you her?
Ur FaveRaven: *long pause* No.
Kim: *looks at him* Was that a guilty pause?
Ur FaveRaven: *frowns* I suppose.
Kim: You know... I haven't seen you like this since you and Mandy broke up. Well, each time you broke up.
Ur FaveRaven: *angles his eyes towards her* Thanks for the memories.
Kim: So you love her.
Ur FaveRaven: *raises an eyebrow* Mandy?
Kim: *leans back against the sofa, focused on the tv again* Luna.
Ur FaveRaven: *sits up* Luna? I-I do not. Where'd you get that idea?
Kim: My head.
Ur FaveRaven: *watches her* Well, that's silly. *scoffs* I don't love Luna.
Kim: You should probably tell her.
Ur FaveRaven: Tell her what? *a little unsettled and getting frustrated his sister isn't looking at him*
Kim: That you love her. That your Christmas sucked cause she wasn't here.
Ur FaveRaven: *shakes his head, resting back against the cushion again* You're insane. *sits up again* I had a perfectly good Christmas.
Kim: Yes, fighting over dinner and staring at a black and white television until three in the morning. Sounds splendid.
Ur FaveRaven: *shakes his head again* I'm hardly in love with Luna. I-I've just had... better days. It'll pass.
Kim: What do you think she did tonight?
Ur FaveRaven: *makes a face* I have no idea. A-and I don't much care.
Kim: *looks at Terry* You don't think she sat alone in your flat all night do you?
Ur FaveRaven: *pictures her in Nick and Josh's flat* *possibly sitting on the sofa with the damn ferret* *petting the stupid inanimate walls* *staring out the window wishing she weren't always alone on Christmas...*
Kim: *interrupts his thoughts* Well, that's ok. Maybe the nice blokes across the hall invited her over.
Ur FaveRaven: *pictures Nick in the flat with her*
Kim: Terry?
Ur FaveRaven: *pictures Nick consoling her in the flat because Luna told him how mean Terry was to her... and on Christmas Day!*
Kim: *leans towards him and gives his arm a nudge* Hello?
Ur FaveRaven: *eyes clear and looks at Kim*
Kim: Fall asleep for a second?
Ur FaveRaven: *shakes his head* No. N-no.
Kim: * makes a face* You alright?
Ur FaveRaven: *drops his head and frowns* Wh-why would you think I love her? We're completely different. She's... sh-she's... not got her head straight. She's into everything and can't focus on anything... o-on just one thing. It makes everyone crazy! I-it makes me crazy! *nose starts to sting as he gets a little emotional thinking about the scarf his mom opened from Luna... a scarf with little gray kittens on it and the name "Snuffins" sewn all around by Luna herself because she knows how much his mom likes their damn cat* *she was really excited to give it to her too, he probably should've left it at home when he stormed off without her... left it with the gift he had for Luna... that he realized he left by accident under his bed*
Kim: *eyes widen slightly* Yikes. Sorry. I mean... I sorta just said that to get a reaction out of you. I didn't really believe-
Ur FaveRaven: *looks up at her, eyes shining*
Kim: *cuts off, noting the emotion*
Ur FaveRaven: *gets up from the sofa, running a hand through his hair, uncomfortable with the new information his sister has gotten out of him*
Kim: *watches him, his back to her* *after a moment* What's wrong?
Ur FaveRaven: *a little stuffy* Nothing.
Kim: *bites her lip* *cautiously* What uh... happened today?
Ur FaveRaven: *wants to say "nothing" and go to bed, but can't get his mind and body to work together*
Kim: *waits* *then eventually* It's not my business, you don't have to say-
Ur FaveRaven: We were already late and she had to stop in at Josh's to check on the goddamn ferret that I told her not to get him in the first place.
Kim: *watches him*
Ur FaveRaven: *rubs his temple, getting a headache from stress* And then she felt bad the stupid flat was empty and thought we should stay until someone got home. *laughs shortly* I mean, our bloody flat was empty too. I-I don't get her. I-I don't know why she does one thing and not another. I don't know why she intentionally tries to drive me mental.
Kim: You think she'd do that intentionally?
Ur FaveRaven: She must! Gods, I don't know anyone like her!
Kim: Well, I don't believe that. I sorta thought she adored you.
Ur FaveRaven: *makes a face* She's certainly got a stubborn streak against me. That's hardly adoration.
Kim: *matter of factly* You're hard to deal with.
Ur FaveRaven: *spins to her* What? I am?!
Kim: *looks at him sympathetically* A bit.
Ur FaveRaven: *furrows brow* How so?
Kim: You're a bit of a perfectionist. OCD to a degree-
Ur FaveRaven: I do not have OCD!
Kim: *rolls eyes* I said to a degree... but in addition, you can be fun and goofy. But... well, only on your time.
Ur FaveRaven: *crosses his arms* You make me sound like an ass.
Kim: *looks at him innocently*
Ur FaveRaven: You're not exactly an angel yourself.
Kim: I never claimed to be. I'm just saying...
Ur FaveRaven: What?
Kim: I'm saying that Luna probably puts up with a lot of your *finger quotes* issues... and you should cut her some slack.
Ur FaveRaven: *angry that his sister is hitting some sore spots* You don't really know what you're talking about, Kim.
Kim: I guess not. *studies his face and offers a smile* I should get to bed. I want to get up and help mum with her cleaning tomorrow.
Ur FaveRaven: *arcs an eyebrow*
Kim: I'm guilt stricken, what can I say? *moves to him and rests a hand on his arm reaching up to kiss his cheek* Night. Don't think too much.
Ur FaveRaven: *thinking too intently to react* *mutters* Yeah...
Kim: *turns and heads towards the stairs* And don't forget your coat.
Ur FaveRaven: *looks up at her as she climbs the stairs*