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[Feb. 5th, 2006|03:55 pm]
Muggle London


[mood |exhaustedexhausted]

Rational Chriss: *walks in through the hotel lobby from the spinning doors, pulling her luggage bag behind her, heading straight for the check-in desk* *tries to fix her hair by running her fingers through it, cranky and worn out from hours of being on a plane next to a noisy teenager*
Hotel Clerk: *busy typing, looking down*
Rational Chriss: *steps up to the counter, clearing her throat*
Hotel Clerk: *without looking up* May I help you?
Rational Chriss: *annoyed that this person isn't even looking at her when speaking* I need to know what room Josh Reynolds is staying in.
Hotel Clerk: Reynolds? *lifts the telephone after typing Josh's name into the computer* *presses his room number to call the room*
Rational Chriss: *waits patiently as she can, though pushing down the handle of her luggage since she knows she'll be here for at least the next five minutes*
Hotel Clerk: *lifts his eyes to Chriss* There's no answer. *hangs up the phone* Is Mr. Reynold's expecting you?
Rational Chriss: *brow furrows in slight worry* He should be. My name is Christine Hill, he might have left my name here?
Hotel Clerk: *goes back to his computer* Mr. Reynolds has no visitors or guests listed. *looks up at her in boredom* Unfortunately, I can't offer you a key. You're free to wait in the lobby or the hotel restaurant for him to return.
Rational Chriss: *to herself* He didn't leave my name? Ugh... Look, I'm from CFE, you have practically half my company staying in your hotel. *in annoyance* And Mr. Reynolds is also my...*doesn't really want to say 'boyfriend'* significant other. I'm really tired right now, I just flew here from England. Can I have a key now?
Hotel Clerk: *unfazed* I cannot offer you a key, Miss. If you know others in the hotel, perhaps they are all staying on the same floor. Mr. Reynolds is in room 1212. *a little annoyed at her annoyance* *deadpan* You could always knock on neighboring doors all day.
Rational Chriss: Bloody American. *shoots him a look, wanting to say something even more harsh but stops herself since she doesn't want to get kicked out of the hotel* *pulls the handle of her luggage out again, gripping it tight out of fury, storming off in the direction of the elevators*
Hotel Clerk: *bites his tongue and goes back to his work*
Rational Chriss: *presses the up button, waiting for the elevator come down, rubbing her temple to calm herself* He didn't leave my name at the front desk even though he bought me a ticket to come here...putting the fight aside. *steps into the elevator when it opens, pressing the button for the twelfth floor, assuming it's the same as it is back home* *stares as the lift doors close, the light changing as it continues to climb the floors* *exits once the doors open again, going down the hall in search of 1212*
JR rugger05: *at desk in hotel room, slumped over an open book, asleep* *door caught on the dead bolt, flipped to the closed position before the door was actually closed*
Rational Chriss: *walks down the hall, unconsciously holding her breath* What if he doesn't want me here? Why am I here? Oh God, I really do have feelings for him, don't I? *finds room 1212, noticing the door's not closed all the way* *in a mocking voice in her head* There's no answer. Ugh, that Yank. *knocks on the door*
JR rugger05: *doesn't even stir*
Rational Chriss: *pushes the door open slightly only to look inside, not entering, not really knowing what to expect* Josh? Are you in here?
JR rugger05: *no answer* *face crushed into arm atop a thick legal book, a bottle of No-Doze on the desk and a mess of a pile of papers on the bed*
Rational Chriss: *pushes the door open more, at least to inspect the room, and if Josh isn't in there, she can complain about the hotel security or whatnot at the clerk* *enters, passing the bathroom and immediately spotting Josh passed out on the desk* Not exactly the welcoming I was expecting... *walks over to him, leaving her luggage bag next to a chair, putting a hand on his shoulder to shake him awake*
JR rugger05: *no response*
Rational Chriss: *shakes his shoulder a little harder, patience not on her side tonight*
JR rugger05: *groans something indiscernible*
Rational Chriss: Josh! Wake up!
JR rugger05: *lifts from the desk slightly then shakes his head hard, waking himself* *a bit loudly* Huh-what?! *stands suddenly, a bit unbalanced, reaching for a support that isn't there*
Rational Chriss: *just stares at him in shock, not knowing how to respond to his sudden alertness* *can't help but notice that he looks attractive (in his own way) even when he just woke up, also noting that his hair's gotten tiny bit longer* *still in denial* You're not noticing because you like him that much, you're noticing because it's your job to notice things like that. Yeah.
JR rugger05: *meets her eyes, but looks right through her, soon dropping his head again then turning to the bed* Oh god.... *bends to pick up a stack of papers, stapled together and starts flipping through them, eyes wide, staring at the pages* *as if he's in another time and place* What time is it? Where... when's the fitting?
Rational Chriss: *starts to think he's insane, or maybe weirdly sleep walking* Josh!
JR rugger05: *sits heavily on the edge of the bed, his hands shoved into his hair, the papers still in his hands* *shakes his head slowly, his voice strong then gradually weakening* I know... I know... I'm sorry.... we did the fitting this morning. The dress rehearsal’s tonight. I got this. I'm fine. Everything's fine....
Rational Chriss: I've got two options. One, try talking to him after I dunk his head with some cold water, or two, slowly back out of here and get my own hotel room under CFE's budget... *decides on the former, minus the water* *walks over to him and slaps his face lightly a couple of times* Josh, snap out of it!
JR rugger05: *arms drop, his hands going behind him to support himself on the bed, looks up at her in shock* *a few long seconds later* Chriss?
Rational Chriss: Finally... Hi. Are you okay?
JR rugger05: *staring, fading in and out of reality* *squints slightly now to see if she'll fade away* Chriss... you're here?
Rational Chriss: Or not. Of course I'm here, I wasn't about to let a plane ticket to go to waste. *puts her hands on his shoulders again and shakes him* Get a grip!
JR rugger05: *unhappy with the shaking, drops his head and puts a hand over hers to stop her* Hang on! Hang on... *as she slows and eventually stops, remembers the schedule and frantically asks her* What time is it?!
Rational Chriss: *looks at her wristwatch for the time, glad that it's in New York time* It's 7:24.
JR rugger05: *sighs heavily, somewhat relieved* Oh good... I thought I missed the lunch meeting...
Rational Chriss: *brow furrows at him* P.M. 7:24 pm.
JR rugger05: *eyes wide to hers again* What?! *stands abruptly* Shit. *walks slowly past her starting to pace a bit, hand to forehead* PM? What happened? *spins to her suddenly* You're here! *makes a random motion at her - as random as his mind is currently working* I-I didn't think you'd come! Ever. In a million years! You.... a-and I tried ringing you... *flustered*
Rational Chriss: I called you back once I got your message and you were at some club dancing with Rina while Donna was answering the phone - which, by the way, I hate her more than ever now. And you never called me back a-! *slowly stops talking, wondering if what she's even saying is getting through to him*
JR rugger05: *watches her, the fog lifting from his brain as Chriss' relentless complaining sinks in.... so very reminiscent* *reaches out for her* *a slight smile escapes his dazed expression* You came.
Rational Chriss: *steps up to him* To see New York. You just happen to be here. I can't believe you bought me a plane ticket and didn't tell me. What if I never found the book?
JR rugger05: *slides his hand from her shoulder to her neck adoringly* I trusted you'd find it. It was Christmas.
Rational Chriss: *drops her head so he doesn't see her smile, relieved that they're not fighting anymore, just to be with him again* *looks back up, straight faced* Thank you...though you should've left my name at the front desk, the clerk was a jerk.
JR rugger05: *eyelids droop slightly, getting tired so suddenly* *drops his own eyes* I didn't think of it... think you'd be here. We were arguing... you wouldn't take my calls... then you called and my phone broke... *hand drops from her as he goes to sit on the bed again* and I left messages for Nick...
Rational Chriss: Nick didn't say anything to me. Knowing him, he probably didn't even listen to your message yet. *starts picking up the scatter papers from his bed, making a neat stack and putting it on the desk*
JR rugger05: *watches her tiredly, his eyes aching from less than five hours of sleep in three days* *reaches up weakly to scratch his jaw, unshaven in also three days*
Rational Chriss: *turns back to him, standing before him* You...are a complete mess. Been partying much?
JR rugger05: *shakes his head slowly, his hands resting on his knees* The schedule... meetings... dinners... *makes a weak motion at the desk* trying to study...
Rational Chriss: *shakes her head disapprovingly, letting out a long breath* You're not doing anything tonight but sleeping. You look like you've been on the No-Doze since you got here.
JR rugger05: *furrows brow in thought* Only since Tuesday.
Rational Chriss: Ew. That's it. *pushes him back on the bed so he'll lay down* You're going to be sleeping for the next twelve hours.
JR rugger05: *looks up at her with wider eyes, protesting* But Chriss - the schedule! And I missed the meeting today - unless... unless today's still yesterday. *lifts an eyebrow, his head back on the bed now* What day is it?
Rational Chriss: It doesn't matter, you're not going! Lay down!
JR rugger05: *grimaces slightly and scoots back up the bed to the pillows, his mind still stumbling through his list of things to do*
Rational Chriss: *pulls the blankets back, waiting until he gets under them to pull them back up over him* *phone starts to ring, pushing Josh back down when he tries to get up to answer it* *picks up the receiver, putting it to her ear* Hello?
Fabulously Rich: *on the phone* He-hello? Josh? Who is this? *his voice relaying his grin, speaking to someone next to him* No wonder he wasn't at the lunch meeting, he's with a lady friend...
Rational Chriss: *rolls her eyes* Richard? It's Chriss.
Fabulously Rich: Chrissy? Did I call the wrong number or something?
Rational Chriss: No, I'm here, in New York, in Josh's room. What can I help you with?
Fabulously Rich: Chrissy! When did you get here? Oh, we'll talk about that later, Josh needs to come down, we're going to dinner then the studio. Maybe the studio first and then dinner, or the girls will complain...
Rational Chriss: Josh isn't going anywhere, he's sleeping right now. *knows what Richard might be thinking* From overworking. Just give Josh notes on what happened at the studio and he'll catch up. I need to go, bye Richard! *hangs up*
JR rugger05: *watching Chriss hang up* Richard? We were scheduled for rehearsal at the studio tonight. *pushes the covers down and sits up* I really need to go-
Rational Chriss: *puts her hand on his chest and pushes him back down* Stay.
JR rugger05: *eyes wide* I won't know what's going on!
Rational Chriss: *wrinkles her brow when his loud voice hits her* Don't yell, I don't have a high tolerance for anything...it's 12:30 A.M. my time, and I'm jet lagged. You''ll find out what happened tonight, tomorrow morning. Stop worrying and just sleep, okay?
JR rugger05: *falls back on the bed in frustration, eyes on the ceiling, mind still running*
Rational Chriss: *goes back to the door to make sure she didn't leave it open as well, closing the door when she finds that it's open* *comes back to the middle of the hotel room, seeing his eyes are still open* *sighs, rolling her eyes and goes to sit on the bed on the other side of him*
JR rugger05: I've not slept in three days, what makes you think I'll sleep now? There's too much to do.
Rational Chriss: *situates herself on the bed, back against the headboard of the bed* Then you should at least go shower and shave.
JR rugger05: *sits back up, pushing the covers off once again and throwing his legs off the bed to get up* Right. *crosses the room and goes directly to the bathroom*
Rational Chriss: *lets him go without a word, leaning forward to shrug off her coat, laying it over her lap as she fixes the pillow behind her so she's more comfortable*
JR rugger05: *comes back out of the bathroom just a moment later, only his shirt buttons undone, going right to Chriss* *sounding like an afterthought* I'm sorry- *reaches into her, cupping her chin with his hand and leaning down to kiss her*
Rational Chriss: *stays still as he kisses her, stunned at first, then wondering if he's still spazzing, returning the kiss eventually* Definitely not the welcome I was expecting, but better than nothing...
JR rugger05: *pulls back, his fingers still lingering under her upturned chin* I'm so glad you're here. *drops his hand then straightens*
Rational Chriss: *smiles a little shyly, looking up at him* Are you really? I heard your conversation with Rina and Donna over the phone, sounded a lot like you were happy without me around...
JR rugger05: *rests his hand on the wall above her head, brow furrowed* I-I never said anything like that. What do you mean?
Rational Chriss: Something about you and me being really frustrating... *shakes her head* Forget it, it was probably them trying to mess with my head.
JR rugger05: *sighs tiredly* Rina and Donna mess with a lot of things. Number one being my phone. *straightens again and backs a step towards the bathroom* Let me just get showered so I can get back to my senses. *motions randomly at the television* Make yourself at home.
Rational Chriss: *nods, watching him retreat to the bathroom* *looks down at her coat on her lap, digging into one of the pockets and pulling out a folded up napkin, the very same one she wrote on a couple of days ago at the coffee shop*
JR rugger05: *pushes the door closed behind himself, a sliver of light still shining through into the room* *turns on the water, the noise carrying into the room* *undresses and gets in, the hot water soon making him realize how tired he is*
Rational Chriss: *reads the words on the napkin several times, trying to decide if she should give it to Josh or not, getting a little drowsy every time she reads it over*
JR rugger05: *comes into the room about 15 minutes later, a towel around his waist, hair wet, but freshly shaven* *starting towards the bed, about to say something to Chriss, but notices her eyes closed, her hand around what looks like a balled up beverage napkin*
Rational Chriss: *opens her eyes slowly when she realizes that she nodded off for a second, eyes lifting towards the direction of the bathroom to find Josh standing there* Hi. Sorry. I guess I'm tired too.
JR rugger05: *shakes his head slightly* It's alright. Long trip. You should get some sleep. I promise I'll stay put.
Rational Chriss: I'm fine...I should give Andy a call, tell her that I'm here. *sniffs as she starts to get up, her head feeling a bit heavy from getting a little teary before when she was reading the napkin minutes ago*
JR rugger05: *hands on hips, nods* Sure. *a little nervous to ask* So she... she knows you're here?
Rational Chriss: *stands, her hand clenched tight around the napkin* Yes. She found out the day you left, actually.
JR rugger05: *cautious watches her eyes* ...About us?
Rational Chriss: Yes. *sits back on the bed, not able to get the courage to pick up the phone and call Andy - she won't answer anyway, if she's awake* We went to some coffee house and they were having some poetry thing...
JR rugger05: *waits for her to continue, her actions telling him it didn't go well*
Rational Chriss: *holds her hand up to him, opening her hand to reveal the napkin* I went and read that. Pretty stupid of me, too.
JR rugger05: *eyes still on hers, furrows brow ever so slightly* *finally drops his eyes to the paper and reaches for it, uncrumpling it to have a read* *doesn't think much of it, the first part of the poem sounding just like Chriss* *as he gets to the end, finds himself frowning, emotions starting to flood through him* *reads it a second time as Chriss waits*
Rational Chriss: *doesn't really want to know what he thinks of what she wrote, regretting showing it to him now*
JR rugger05: *lets his eyes stray from the napkin as he finishes, moving towards the bed to sit down next to her, his reaction unreadable*
Rational Chriss: *hates confrontation more than anything, stands as soon as he settles on the bed, walking to the end of the bed to her bag to get out her cell phone*
JR rugger05: *watches her, wishing she hadn't gotten up so suddenly* *rests his elbows on his knees as she clearly tries to avoid her feelings*
Rational Chriss: *digs out her phone, standing again, looking indirectly at him* I should call her, so she doesn't think I'm forgetting about her now that I'm here.
JR rugger05: *softly* She's hurt?
Rational Chriss: *puts a hand on the back of her neck, slightly kneading* That's an understatement.
JR rugger05: *drops his eyes, having been dreading this the longer the lie went on* Shit. *sighs as quietly as he can, so as to not put more on her conscience* *lifts his eyes back to her then stands* *goes to her, pausing right beside her as she continues to avoid looking at him* *puts his arms around her, resting his chin on top of her head* It's just temporary.
Rational Chriss: *lets her arms drop to her sides before tentatively bringing them up to put them around him* She hates me now. She wouldn't even speak to me... God, I'm an idiot.
JR rugger05: *is used to her "weak, too proud to let anyone in" hugs, so holds her tighter* You're not an idiot. It's just an initial reaction. I'm sure she's just... surprised. *tries to see the bright side* This is Andrea we're talking about. She has the attention span of about two hours. She's probably already forgotten about being angry at you.
Rational Chriss: *wants to take comfort in his words, wants to believe that they're true* Maybe. *jokes, only to push her doubts away* If that doesn't happen, I'll just bring her back souvenirs and hope it compensates.
JR rugger05: *has only seen Chriss upset like this once before, when she opened up herself to him in his kitchen after the CFE party* *though it hardly compares... that was about them, a stupid fight, not about her best friend... her sister* *takes her joking as a defense mechanism and just kisses her temple*
Rational Chriss: *silently thanks him for not asking too many questions, holding him closer, her fears from before less now knowing that he doesn't hate her too* *smiles woefully, never having imagined that this is how her arrival would be like*
JR rugger05: *gives her a moment, then* I can change in the other room if you need to use the phone.
Rational Chriss: *knows that she has to...needs to call Andy, feeling guilty that she likes having Josh's arms around her protectively at a time like this* Thanks. *lets her arms down, stepping back as he releases her* It won't take long, she's probably asleep.
JR rugger05: *slides his hands down her arms, giving them a squeeze as he looks down at her* Take as long as you want. *nods in the direction of the small room adjoining the bedroom* I'll be right over there. *kisses her forehead then heads to the other room, grabbing some clothes out of one of the drawers along his way then closing the partition to give her some privacy*
Rational Chriss: *turns back to the bed, sitting down as she flips her phone open, dialing Andy's cell phone number, biting down on her lip as she presses her phone to her ear, hoping that Andy might pick up*
JR rugger05: *starts changing in the other room, rubbing his eyes every so often out of tiredness* *starts thinking about Chriss and Andrea's possible conversation/argument at the coffee shop... his mind soon drifting to a realization that Chriss confessed to Andrea. A confession meaning this is for real. This relationship*
Risky Andy: *after five rings, the message service picks up and Andy's nasal voice chimes in* "Heeeey, this is Andy. I'm off doing something else so leave a message and I'll hit you up later. Peace."
Rational Chriss: *takes a deep breath* Hi, it's me, Chriss. I'm just calling to let you know that I've landed in New York safe and sound...and you're probably rolling your eyes right about now saying that it's all about me again. I didn't mean it to be. I'm really sorry about everything that I kept from you and I want you to know that miss you. I'm going to have my phone on so call me whenever you want, if you want to, even if it's to say you want something while I'm here. I'll...um, talk to you later. *moves the phone from her ear, looking at the small screen before pressing the 'end' key*
JR rugger05: *after dressing quickly, glances around the room with nothing to do while he waits on Chriss, not wanting to interrupt her* *goes to the sofa and sits, resting an arm up on the back* *after only a minute starts to drift off, his body leaning heavily into the side on the sofa, his head falling back*
Rational Chriss: *sits on the bed, staring up at the ceiling and hoping that Josh is right, that Andy'll get over it now that she has time to think things over without her around* *stands up, going to the adjacent room to where Josh is, finding him asleep on the sofa, walking over to him* *watches him sleep, not wanting to disturb him* *softly so that he can barely hear her if he could* You don't think I'm an insanely hormonal crybaby, do you?
JR rugger05: *breathing softly, asleep*
Rational Chriss: *waits for an answer that doesn't come, actually making her feel a little better about herself* *both emotionally and physically exhausted herself, sits on the sofa, soon shifting so she's laying down, her head in his lap, nodding off to sleep*