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Risky Andy: *raps her knuckles on the door to Nick's flat twice,… - Welcome to London [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 6th, 2006|03:03 am]
Muggle London



Risky Andy: *raps her knuckles on the door to Nick's flat twice, matter of factly as if he's expecting her* *glances up the hall, her duffle slung over her shoulder, a medium sized snake coiled around one wrist*
TheNickmeister11: *answers the door, pulling money from his wallet* Man, that was thje fastest you guys hav been in a long-*looks up* Hey...you're not chinese.
Risky Andy: Certainly not. *walks into the flat, forcing him to step out of the way*
TheNickmeister11: *steps back, confused* Er...come on in? *watches her look around* Can I help you?
Risky Andy: *surveys the "somewhat still clean since Josh left" flat, then with a shrug* Nope, I pack light. *starts towards the short hall to the back bedroom*
TheNickmeister11: Pack? *follows her back* You leaving too?
Risky Andy: Already left. *glances into Nick's room, soon cancelling it out as her new living quarters* *continues down to Josh's room and goes inside*
TheNickmeister11: Oh, that's good. Headed to the States as well?
Risky Andy: *scoffs, amused* *drops her bag onto Josh's bed, hands on hips, taking in the room* This'll do.
TheNickmeister11: Uh...*is kind of scared she's gone psycho and is planning to bomb the building from his flat* Do for what?
Risky Andy: *lifts her hand to check on her tri-colored new pet* *speaking to him in a baby voice* What do you think, Lennon? Some minor modifications and we'll be fine here. *grins* *looks back at Nick* We'll take it.
TheNickmeister11: Take..the bed? Josh won't be happy with that
Risky Andy: *drops her grin* *looks back at the bed, going to it to start pulling the pillows off of it with her free hand, dropping them to the floor* I don't give a shit what Josh feels.
TheNickmeister11: *it finally starts to sink in that Andy's here....to stay* *nods as if he understands and commiserates*
Risky Andy: *uncoils the snake from around her wrist as she heads towards Nick* *holds it out to him* Hold Lennon while I strip the bed. I am not using those sheets.
TheNickmeister11: *eyes the snake warily, taking a step back* Uh...no.
Risky Andy: *rolls eyes* Oh god Nick, just take him. He won't bite.
TheNickmeister11: He's a snake, they all bite.
Risky Andy: He's not poisonous. *shoves her hand out at him*
TheNickmeister11: *wrinkles his nose as he takes the snake* Hurry, I don't think I can hold him long.
Risky Andy: *huffs audibly, going back to the bed, pulling the covers down and sliding them off the bed* Red touch yellow... kill a fellow, red touch black... good for jack.
TheNickmeister11: Uh...I don't have any crayons.
Risky Andy: *stops and looks at him like he's a complete moron* The snake, you moron. *gets up on the bed and starts kicking down the sheets* You know he's not poisonous because the red stripes touch black stripes. *shaking her head* You'd die out on your own. Honestly....
TheNickmeister11: I would not, I've been on my own before and I'm not dead. *pulls the snake off his arm with his other hand* It won't stay still.
Risky Andy: It's a snake. It snakes. *pulls the fitted sheet from the bed, balls it and throws it on the floor*
TheNickmeister11: Snakes? I don't think it snakes. There's another word for it...*holds the snake out by the tail*
Risky Andy: *eyes bug* Nick! *hops off the bed and goes to take back Lennon* Don't hold him like that! God. *lets the snake coil around her arm again* *pets him* It's ok...
TheNickmeister11: Yeah, it's a snake. It's not like he has feelings. And he's nowhere near as cool as Atticus. What're you doing here anyway?
Risky Andy: Who the hell's Atticus? *waves him off, going back to collect the bedding and put it all in one pile* Forget it. *picks up as much of it as she can with one arm and starts towards Nick, forcing him to back up*
TheNickmeister11: *backs out of the room* Atticus is my non creepy pet, thank you. He'd eat your...thing.
Risky Andy: *wrinkles nose* You've named your... thing. How grotesque. *pushes the bedding at him in the hallway* *smug grin* Night. *closes the door on him*
TheNickmeister11: *stares at the door, not holding onto the bedding* *reaches for the door knob then stops, thinking he can't go in, it's Andy's room* No it's not, it's Josh's room. Remember Josh? Your roommate? Yeah, his room. Get her out. Into your room. *knocks on the door*
Risky Andy: *calls* Go away.
TheNickmeister11: This isn't your room...
Risky Andy: It's not yours!
TheNickmeister11: It's Josh's! He called saves on it!
Risky Andy: Josh isn't here! Finders keepers!
TheNickmeister11: That's not how it works! He pays for this room!
Risky Andy: *standing at the door now, yelling back* With what? "Saves"?
TheNickmeister11: Money! He pays rent! It's his room! And you can't have it. Now, clearly you've lost your mind and need a place to crash so you can stay in my room.
Risky Andy: No way. I saw the state of your room.
TheNickmeister11: *rolls his eyes* Then the couch, whatever. But you can't stay here!
Risky Andy: Too bad. *storms to the closet, looking up top to see if there are any clean sheets* Go ring Josh if you're gonna cry about it. I don't care.
TheNickmeister11: Well...I mean...*scowls, opening the door* Andy, just tell me what the hell's going on.
Risky Andy: *glares at him* Who said you could come in?
TheNickmeister11: I did, it's my apartment.
Risky Andy: *ignores him and looks back up at the closet* *gets up on her tip toes, trying to reach for a stack of sheets with a whine* *jumps once, twice, then looks at him, defeated* Can you get those down?
TheNickmeister11: *raises an eyebrow* If you tell me why you're here.
Risky Andy: *crosses her arms carefully cause of Lennon* You know why. Kinda. *looks over at her bag as her mobile starts to ring*
TheNickmeister11: Uh...*shakes his head* I have no clue why you would barge in and march back to Josh's room to take it over. I thought you were mad at him.
Risky Andy: I am. *talks over the rining phone* And I'm mad at her. *scowls slightly* And I'm sure when the happy couple come back from New York, they'll want their own space. So I've made things easier for them.
TheNickmeister11: So...wait. Josh is moving in with her? So you're moving in here?
Risky Andy: *throws up her hands* Gods, I don't know. I guess! *tries to reach for the bedding again, mad he keeps asking questions* Either way... *grunts as she tries to reach* I won't be there.... when she gets home. See if she... even notices. *hop up and catches hold of something, pulling it down only to have a blouse, skirt and bra come toppling down over her with the entire stack of sheets and pillow cases* Ahh!
TheNickmeister11: *hurries foreward to help her* Woah, you okay?
Risky Andy: *whimpers, slowly removing her hands from her face as she covered it in the avalanche* *brushes her hair back, finding the bra on top of her head* *looks at it and squeaks, quickly throwing it to the floor* Ew.
TheNickmeister11: Sure you don't want my room? Haven't had a girl in it in months. Josh's had girls in here later than that...
Risky Andy: *steps out of the pile, making a face* Ew... don't tell me that.
TheNickmeister11: Okay, i won't. Look, you can stay I guess, if Josh isn't coming back. But you cover half the rent.
Risky Andy: *holds up her hands, tired of this stupid conversation - Josh out, Andy in - what's so hard to comprehend?!* Fine. Fine Nick, ok?! Just.... just help me make the bed can you?
TheNickmeister11: Make the...look, I'll just move my bed in, I don't know how to make a bed. What's wrong with Josh's anyway, why do you need a new one?
Risky Andy: *looks at him, confirming to herself that indeed he's a moron* Nevermind. Just... *waves at the door* go. I need some "me" time. Me time without "you" time.
TheNickmeister11: Alright, fine. But I don't have a wake up service. *backs out of the room* Make yourself at home...
Risky Andy: *starts digging through the pile at her feet, careful not to touch anything but bedding, unsure of just what else is in the pile* I don't need a wake up call, Nick. *without looking up at him* *shortly* Goodnight.
TheNickmeister11: *holds up a hand* 'Night.
Risky Andy: *grumbles and whines as she pulls sheets and pillow cases from the pile, not noticing when Nick leaves and closes the door*