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[Feb. 13th, 2006|07:51 am]
Muggle London



JR rugger05: *comes back into the room as silently as he can, assuming
Chriss is still asleep* *pushes the door open with an elbow, two large coffees in one hand and a brown paper bag hanging from the other with the credit card key* *toes the door closed behind him silently*
RationalChriss: *asleep soundly on the bed*
JR rugger05: *puts the coffees down on the dresser, key and bag as well* *glances over at Chriss, asleep, then heads over to his desk to check the schedule for the day*
Rational Chriss: *curls up on the bed, only the top of her head visible, the rest of her body hidden from under the blanket*
JR rugger05: *sits on the edge of the bed, papers in hand, trying to figure out what he missed and what's ahead for the day*
Rational Chriss: *slowly awakens, blinking a few times to gain focus in her eyes, shifting her head up out of the blankets* *sees Josh sitting at the end of the bed when she looks around her surroundings, stays quiet as she still tries to regain her alertness*
JR rugger05: *gets back up, putting the papers back on the desk and heads into the other room to ring Richard's room*
Rational Chriss: *straightens up, blinking several more times as she stretches on the bed, finally getting up even though she's a little reluctant to leave the warm bed*
JR rugger05: *speaks in a low voice in the adjoining room, too low for Chriss to make out what he's saying*
Rational Chriss: *spots the two cups of coffee on the dresser, immediately picking up a cup and reading the 'Starbucks' logo on the cup before tasting the coffee* *walks over to the window of the room and looks outside as she continues to drink her morning coffee, soon her attention on the things on Josh's desk, picking up some example pictures that are laying around*
JR rugger05: *ending up apologizing for waking Richard up on a low key day, finds there's only an interview with the Behind the Scenes E crew* *after promising he can handle that without having a nervous breakdown as Richard seems to think from his short conversation with Chriss, must ward off embarrassing accusations that he was just too busy with his new roommate last night to join the rest of the team*
Rational Chriss: *smiles to herself as she looks at the pictures, noting that Josh still looks pretty okay in soft pastel colors, lowering the pictures back on the desk, along with her coffee* *looks around for the digital camera she gave him for Christmas, wondering if he took any pictures from sightseeing around New York*
JR rugger05: *now sitting on the sofa, massaging his temple, wishing Richard were just mad at him for waking him, proceeds to endlessly shoot down Richard's scenarios of last night*
Rational Chriss: *looks around the whole room for the camera, then finally goes to his suitcase and looks through it - only slightly noting that she might be invading his privacy, outweighing with the fact that she bought it for him in her mind* *finds the camera still in the same pocket he placed it in when he was packing* *turns the camera on to display the pictures, eyes widening when she sees the pictures of herself*
JR rugger05: *finally interested as the conversation turns to tonight and Times Square* *there'll be a couple of fenced off spots saved for them but they must have their CFE credentials or security won't let them in past 5pm*
Rational Chriss: *flips through the pictures in the camera, paranoid, and so early in the morning* *lets out a breath out of relief when she sees that there isn't any new pictures, so chances of Josh having seen them slim to none*
JR rugger05: *back in the room without any notice, heads towards the coffee* Hey. Morning. *kisses the top of her head on the way to the dresser*
Rational Chriss: *immediately holds the camera to her chest, trying to hide the display on the camera that's gone back to her pictures, surprised* Morning.
JR rugger05: *glances back at her as he reaches for his coffee* Richard's quite a talker at 7:30 in the morning.
Rational Chriss: *doesn't know what to do with the camera especially when she hasn't gotten around to deleting the pictures yet, knows he'll start asking questions about why she has the camera* He's a motormouth twentyfour-seven. You have to prepare for at least a 15-minute conversation with him.
JR rugger05: Thanks for the late advice. *takes a sip of coffee, noting the camera in her hands, but ignoring it*
Rational Chriss: *shrugs slightly, more worried about the pictures on the camera than how much Richard likes to talk, but only to keep the subject of the conversation straying-* So what did he say?
JR rugger05: *looks down at the dresser, noticing the brown bag* *picks it up* He had a lot to suggest about last night- *reaches his arm out to her, to offer her the breakfast* ...and after about ten minutes of fending him off, he told me we're all going to Times Square tonight.
Rational Chriss: On New Year's Eve? It's going to be crowded... *reaches a hand out to take the bag, the camera still clutched in her other hand against her chest* What is it? *brings the bag to her lap, opening it to find a muffin inside*
JR rugger05: *eyes on the camera, slightly amused that she's pretending he can't see it* Cream cheese. That alright? *pushes from the dresser and moves to sit beside her with his coffee* No Evelyn's in town. Sorry.
Rational Chriss: *has to set the camera down in order to get the muffin out without things getting complicated, pushes the power button on it before putting it on the floor* It's fine...thanks. *pulls the muffin out of the paper bag, pulling pieces of the muffin off with her fingers to eat it*
JR rugger05: *takes a drink of coffee* In answer to your question, yes, on New Years Eve. And in my defense, not my idea. Your boss's.
Rational Chriss: Probably more promotion for the company..."British Invasion on Fashion Week" or something like that. *holds up the muffin to offer him some, standing to walk over to the desk to get her coffee*
JR rugger05: *breaks off a piece and drops it in his mouth, watching her go to the desk* *looks down at the camera, bending to pick it up* *ready to have fun with her, knowing she's regretting the intimate pictures she took of herself before their fight, before her poem* *holds the camera up so he can see the screen, though it's still off* Smile.
Rational Chriss: *turns around, coffee cup in one hand and muffin in the other* *eyes widen when she sees the camera in his hand, putting the coffee and muffin down on the desk before lunging at him for the camera* Give me that!
JR rugger05: *eyes wide himself, not... expecting that* *spills some coffee on his pants as the bed bounces from her weight* Woah. *lets her take the camera, standing quickly to get a napkin to wipe his pants* Wow, Chriss.
Rational Chriss: *cringes, looking up at him apologetically* Sorry...! *mind rushing for an excuse* I'm not photogenic in the morning, especially before a shower. *has the camera secure in her hand, seeing that it's not even on* *looks back at him, a little annoyed that she overreacted to nothing*
JR rugger05: *balls up the down napkin and tosses it in the trash can* It's fine... I was just kidding around though. *puts his coffee down and goes to his drawer to pull out another pair of pants* Let me just throw something else on.
Rational Chriss: *nods, watching him walk into the bathroom, takes the chance and hurriedly turns the camera on, deleting the pictures of herself*
JR rugger05: *calls from the bathroom, his grin apparent in his tone* You were certainly photogenic in my red sweatshirt.
Rational Chriss: *in the middle of deleting the last picture, looks up towards the direction of the bathroom, her mouth hanging open in shock* Oh God, he saw it already. Oh God, oh God, oh God...
JR rugger05: *steps into view, arm up on the doorway* *smiles crookedly, meeting her eyes* I had to excuse myself right after check in.
Rational Chriss: *closes her eyes and groans* I hate you.
JR rugger05: *grins wider, laughing to himself*
Rational Chriss: *grabs a pillow on the bed and throws it at him with her normal - meaning terrible aim* I can't believe you pretended to not know about them. That's it, I'm going home.
JR rugger05: *goes towards her, hands up in defense* I didn't pretend anything! *still laughing* I wasn't gonna bring it up.
Rational Chriss: Shut up, that's the same thing. *goes through deleting the last picture and hands the camera back to him*
JR rugger05: *bites his bottom lip to keep from laughing further* *takes the camera from her* You didn't have to delete 'em all. I rather enjoyed them.
Rational Chriss: *groans again, her face in her hands*
JR rugger05: *sits down next to her and turns the camera on again, pulling up the video stream from Christmas Eve in Chriss' room* I was... at the time... looking for this. Hoping if I replayed it, the thought of you hating me would sort of go away. *plays the short video, holding it so she can see it as well*
Rational Chriss: *lifts her face from her hands at the sound playing from the camera, looking at the video playing on the display* *watches as the video finishes, ending with Josh's voice saying "Well thank you".*
JR rugger05: *shrugs slightly, a little bashful over the fact that he was reliving moments in her absence, missing her eventhough they were fighting* *flips through the camera to the earlier photos of their cookie making*
Rational Chriss: *rests her chin on his shoulder, still looking at the camera as he goes through the pictures* *eventually* I missed you too.
JR rugger05: *smiles, eyes still on the camera* *at the end of the shots, turns his face to her and gives her a kiss* I'm sorry for freaking.
Rational Chriss: I forgive you. But next time, you're on your own.
JR rugger05: *lifts an eyebrow, having expected her to apologize for storming off without a word herself*
Rational Chriss: *returns the look, as if to ask "what?"* *rolls her eyes, then sighs* Fine...I'm sorry too, for leaving.
JR rugger05: *gives her another light kiss* *pulls back, looking at her* So we're cool.
Rational Chriss: Yeah. *sits up straight, embarrassment from the pictures gone now, what with the fact that she deleted them herself* So what else is on the schedule for today?
JR rugger05: *shakes his head* Just some interview, *gives her a smile* then I'm free of them.
Rational Chriss: Don't forget all the little people who helped you get here when you make it big, hmm?
JR rugger05: *gives her a look, leaning in to her* More like aided and embedded. And it's short lived.
Rational Chriss: Don't tell that to the press unless you have a major comeback planned. It's too early for you to pull a Kate Moss.
JR rugger05: I don't have plans of talking to the press at all. *makes a face* Who am I? I'm sure they'll just want to interview Richard and have us all milling about in the background.
Rational Chriss: *rolls her eyes as she smiles, picking up the camera, turning it on* At least smile for the cameras.
JR rugger05: *drops his head with a crooked smile, avoiding the camera* I promise you I won't be on any footage.
Rational Chriss: *takes a picture anyway* Shame, millions of people will miss the hottest new male model. *isn't too disappointed by that fact*
JR rugger05: *grins wider* You're being ridiculous. *raises a finger, looking over at her finally* And you should see what they're having me wear. That alone, will promise me a bleak future in fashion.
Rational Chriss: I saw some of the pictures on your desk. Not...that bad.
JR rugger05: Those are just skimming the surface.
Rational Chriss: It's not like you're going to be wearing a skirt.
JR rugger05: I wouldn't put it past them!
Rational Chriss: *rolls her eyes* Now you're being ridiculous.
JR rugger05: *smiles slightly* Probably. But I do have this one pair of shorts that're *makes a random motion* flowy-er than I like.
Rational Chriss: I'm definitely tagging along to all your fittings now. I have to see that.
JR rugger05: *takes her hand and holds it on his lap* So wanna get out of here after the interview? Maybe grab lunch somewhere... anywhere without the CFE staff.
Rational Chriss: Sure...I'd like that. *stands slowly, pulling her hand free from his grasp* I'm going to go take a shower.
JR rugger05: *leans back on the bed and gives her a grin* Need any company? A photographer perhaps?
Rational Chriss: *glares pointedly at him, almost wanting to plant her foot in his face* *flicks at his forehead as compensation* No. Stay.
JR rugger05: *gives her a nod* Yes ma'am.
Rational Chriss: *goes into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her just in case, turning the water on and getting in as soon as it warms up* *showers*
JR rugger05: *reaches for the remote control, rolling to lean on his side, facing the tv as he turns it on*
IAMpopular: *knocks on Josh's door*
JR rugger05: *looks up at the door then the clock, surprised to have someone come by so early* *gets up from the bed and goes to the door* *opens it only partially to find Rina standing in the hall* *eyebrows lift curiously* Rina?
IAMpopular: Josh, you're alive! *puts her hand on the door to push it open more so she can invite herself in* I was so worried about you yesterday...
JR rugger05: *watches her as she walks past him and into the room* I uh... I spoke with Richard. I just needed to catch up on some- *interrupts himself* Hey, uh, can I just see you downstairs in an hour? At that whole interview thing? I was still getting ready.
IAMpopular: Oh, what are you talking about? You look great...let's just go down together.
JR rugger05: *unconciously looks at the bathroom door* *gives Rina a forced smile* We.... still have an hour.
IAMpopular: Do we? How about that...how about we go down to the restaurant and have some breakfast?
JR rugger05: Um. *glances around subtley then notices the Starbucks bag* *snatches it up* Already ate. *smile* Sorry.
IAMpopular: *lips form a disappointed pout* Oh, boo...oh well, that's okay. *walks around the room, looking around, but not really looking enough to notice a luggage bag, an extra coffee cup, a coat...* *sits on the edge of his bed* We could find other things to do to kill time...
Rational Chriss: *out of the shower, drying her hair, the hum of the dryer low to be really heard out of the bathroom*
JR rugger05: *drops the bag back to the dresser as she wanders then crosses his arms, watching her as she takes a seat, hoping that low noise is still the shower running * *lifts an eyebrow* For instance?
IAMpopular: *changes her look to be a coy one* Umm... *crosses her legs to show off her long legs, hinting*
JR rugger05: *lifts his eyes from her with a sigh* Rina. How about I just meet you downstairs? We'll... grab a coffee.
IAMpopular: *sits a bit higher up on the bed, no intention to leave until he relents* Josh...you've been so stressed lately, you should just loosen up.
Rational Chriss: *turns off the hair dryer, opening the bathroom door, tossing her head back to shake the warm air out of her hair* *comes out of the bathroom, only a towel wrapped around her*
JR rugger05: *looks up, surprised, at Chriss*
IAMpopular: *shocked as well* ...CHRISS?
Rational Chriss: *eyes widen at the voice calling out her name, staring at Rina with huge eyes, then at Josh, then down at herself* Excuse me. *goes back into the bathroom with a sound that resembles a whimper*
JR rugger05: *looks back at Rina with a look as if to say, "Yeah well.... there ya go"* *shrugs, arms still folded* So.... then coffee. Maybe.
IAMpopular: *her own eyes wide, still shocked, her face clearly reading "what is she doing here?!...in a towel?!"* *slides down off the bed, still flabbergasted, eyes toward the bathroom*
JR rugger05: *steps towards her, his arms unlocking* *reaches for her arm to steer her more towards the exit* You look a little pale, Rina. Maybe you should go grab some granola... an orange juice or something. *eyes widen slightly* Ooh, better yet. *goes and rummages through his bag coming back with a Power Bar* *holds it up to her*
IAMpopular: *knows that he's mocking her, but in too much shock to care* *waves off the Power Bar, still staring at the bathroom door as he leads her to the door, opening it in front of her* *finally speaks* When did she get here??
JR rugger05: *looks back at her with a curious expression* Who? *glances back over his shoulder* Chriss? *puts a hand on her shoulder* Just yesterday. Don't worry, you didn't miss any fun outings. *smiles* I'll see you downstairs in a bit, right?
IAMpopular: *led out of Josh's hotel room before she realizes it* *puts pieces together in her head - Josh wasn't at any of the gatherings yesterday because he spent the whole day in his hotel room with Chriss* O...kay?
Rational Chriss: *wonders if Rina's left yet, wanting to stop hiding out in the bathroom, and to yell at Josh for not warning her, or for having Rina in his room, on the bed*
JR rugger05: *closes the door behind her without another word* *leans against it a moment then looks up at the bathroom door* *with a slight cringe, calls to Chriss* Sorry. About that.
Rational Chriss: *opens the door, still in a towel because she needs to get changed into clean clothes* What was she doing here?
JR rugger05: *frowns, meeting her eyes* *pushes from the door* She just came by. *shrugs* To say hi.
Rational Chriss: *in a slight 'jealous girlfriend' mode* That was a long 'hi'.
JR rugger05: *an eyebrow lifts slightly at her tone* *pause* I... know. I told her I was too busy to chat.
Rational Chriss: Hmm. *stops herself from bombarding him with more questions like "how often does she come by here?" or accusations of being too chummy* *goes into the room to her suitcase to get her clothes*
JR rugger05: *watches her walk to her suitcase, obviously something on her mind* *eventually* So about the phone incident-
Rational Chriss: We talked about it last night...sort of. You were going crazy. *heaves her suitcase up on the bed so she can go through it without having to squat, unzipping it*
JR rugger05: *takes another step towards her, hands in pockets* Right but well... you seemed to think I was talking about you. Ill things about you. And I.
Rational Chriss: *cuts him off* I got it, it was Rina and Donna's doing... *holds up two tops under her chin, trying to decide which one she should wear*
JR rugger05: *stops* *hurt that she doesn't want to hear it and would prefer to create her own scenarios in her head* Ok.
Rational Chriss: *picks the black chiffon top and grabs some jeans, hovering over the suitcase as she gets her undergarments* *turns to him, getting a sting of guilt when she looks at his face* I'm sorry. Can we talk about it after I'm dressed?
JR rugger05: *does a sort of surprised nod slash shrug then starts towards the living room* I'll be in here so you can dress.
Rational Chriss: Thanks. *turns back around, putting her clothes on piece by piece*
JR rugger05: *sits on the sofa, thumbnail in teeth a moment before picking up a magazine and flipping through it*
Rational Chriss: *finishes putting her clothes on, running her hands through her hair before grabbing her makeup bag and going into the bathroom* *thinks about her forever conflicting feelings for him, thinking about how he must think she's stupid for getting jealous over something so little, all the while applying her makeup*
JR rugger05: *not really paying much attention to the words in the magazine, only aware that it's a travel guide on New York City* *wonders if Chriss is re-thinking her decision to come here, wondering if he did something wrong* Why won't she let me explain how dreadfully annoying Rina and Donna have been this entire trip? She can't possibly think I have ANY interest in them.
Rational Chriss: *comes back out of the bathroom to put her things away, all done getting ready* *walks into the living room area, seeing Josh reading a travel magazine* Anything interesting?
JR rugger05: *looks up at her* Uh... *looks down at the page he's turned to* ESPN Zone. *lifts his eyes, in a slightly better mood, to her* Ever been?
Rational Chriss: *shakes her head as she walks over to him, taking a seat next to him* Not a big sports fan.
JR rugger05: *shows her the page* It's a full restaurant and pub. *looks over at her with a challenge in his eyes* I could whip your ass at bass fishing.
Rational Chriss: *rolls her eyes to say 'well, duh, you're a guy'* I eat fish, not catch it.
JR rugger05: Alright, then the rock wall.
Rational Chriss: Have you seen my hands? *with much amusement in her voice* Pick something easy...like ice skating or yoga or something.
JR rugger05: *tosses the magazine down on the table and leans back, arms up on the sofa* Done. We'll eat there then go skating at Rockefeller Center. *looks over at her with a grin*
Rational Chriss: *looks at him pointedly* You did all that on purpose. Fine. I can't wait to see you fall on your butt.
JR rugger05: And I can't wait to see you drink an ale.
Rational Chriss: What? No. *eyes widen at him when he grins* No! You've seen me drunk before. No.
JR rugger05: *laughs* Drunk on wine and such, not ale. *leans forward, elbows on knees, watching her* Plus come on, we're going to need to have a few before braving the cold.
Rational Chriss: Drunk on wine is bad enough! You're telling me you want
me to get drunk on ale and then you're going to give me a very sharp blade to wear? I don't have accidental murder insurance.
JR rugger05: *shrugs* I'm just saying you want to skate and I'd like to
drink and maybe watch a game.
Rational Chriss: That doesn't mean you need to make me drink.
JR rugger05: *eyes her* So you'll be content, alcohol free, sitting amongst an endless number of televisions all tuned to sporting events?
Rational Chriss: *starts to answer* Ye---...*stops slowly, actually thinking about it now* Maybe....probably... Not. You so picked that place on purpose.
JR rugger05: It's been a long week. And I'm quite sure I won't run into any CFE staff there.
Rational Chriss: *contemplates her options, maybe she can make one small sacrifice and sit in a sports themed restaurant (hopefully not surrounded by smelly athletes) for one afternoon* Fine.
JR rugger05: *smug* And then I'll skate circles around you.
Rational Chriss: *rolls her eyes* Only if you can keep up.
JR rugger05: Is that a challenge?
Rational Chriss: *now smug herself* Yeah. I bet you won't even be able to keep up to speed with me, nevermind doing a spin or even a jump.
JR rugger05: So you're a professional are you? *nods* I see... well then it's a bet. One ale for you... and none of that light stuff... and I'll lace on a pair of skates and do your little speed skating or jump stuff.
Rational Chriss: If you lose, then you have to cease anything that has to do with sports for a week. No, two.
JR rugger05: *hopeful* Does modeling count?
Rational Chriss: No.
JR rugger05: *makes a face* Fine. And what if I win?
Rational Chriss: *shrugs a shoulder* I don't know...what do you want?
JR rugger05: *searches her face a minute then looks off* *sighs in thought* *finally* I get to kiss you at midnight.
Rational Chriss: O...kay... Is that it? I just have to kiss you at midnight? That's not that much.
JR rugger05: *without looking at her, stands* Yep.
Rational Chriss: *looks up at him, still seated herself* *brow furrows* There has to be a catch.
JR rugger05: Nope. Just midnight. Wherever we may be... *goes into the other room to look in the mirror, making sure he's presentable for the interview*