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NEW YEAR'S EVE - NY [Mar. 11th, 2006|10:26 am]
Muggle London


[mood |drunkdrunk]

JR rugger05: *lowers his beer with a crooked grin, eyes on her* What was that?
Rational Chriss: I said... *words a little slurred* This is the stuuupidest idea you've ever had, I don't feel a thing! *picks up her beer again, taking another sip*
JR rugger05: *glances up at the game over her head momentarily* You want another?
Rational Chriss: *looks at him over the rim of the beer glass and snorts, starting to laugh* No! The deal was I only drink one. *holds up a finger to emphasize her point*
JR rugger05: *lowers his eyes again, laughing, reaching into his pocket for his pack of cigarettes* Okay. *pulls out a cigarette and drops the pack on the table, resting the cigarette between his lips while he searches for his lighter*
Rational Chriss: *although affected by the beer, is still alert of some things* *clears her throat, trying to lean her elbow on the table but slips*
JR rugger05: *doesn't notice Chriss' problem* *can't find a lighter on him and notices a pack of matches on the table in a clean ashtray* *picks them up, flipping open the cover*
Rational Chriss: *eyes bug, not believing that he's going to smoke, especially in front of her* *grabs the unlit cigarette from his mouth and drops it into his beer*
JR rugger05: *mouth still hanging slightly open, stares back at her* Wh... what was that?
Rational Chriss: *leans forward, both hands on the table so she doesn't fall over* I hate cigarettes.
JR rugger05: *eyes angle down to his drowned cigarette* I wasn't offering you one.
Rational Chriss: I hate cigarettes in general. I thought you mew...knew that.
JR rugger05: *eyes back to her* *frowns slightly with a small shrug* Well... I guess I knew that. But we're drinking and all.
Rational Chriss: *swings an arm out to point, meant to be pointing outside but really pointing to some random guy sitting at the bar* Go outside n' smoke if you hafto...
JR rugger05: *looks up at the guy she's pointing at, the guy giving Chriss a look* Chriss.... Chriss. *reaches for her arm and brings it back down to the table* Alright. I won't smoke.
Rational Chriss: *sighs, slumping slightly* Good. *grabs her cup and just downs the last quarter of her beer*
JR rugger05: *watches her with some concern, pulls his wallet out and pulls out a card, giving it to their waitress as she goes by* Sorry, we're in a hurry. Thanks. *looks back at Chriss hoping she doesn't fall off the high-top chair*
Rational Chriss: *half-slams her glass down, gripping the edge of the table so she doesn't fall over* *starts giggling for no reason in particular, then lifts her eyes to him* I can't wait to see you fall...
JR rugger05: Oh yeah? I seem to recall you falling from the rock wall. *lifts his eyes, watching for the waitress*
Rational Chriss: *shakes her head* I don't know what you're talking about...
JR rugger05: *amused* Maybe that wasn't you. Though I think I might've schooled you in skeeball.
Rational Chriss: *waves her hand about in the air* WhatEVAR. I so kicked your ass at the free throw ball thing.
JR rugger05: *slightly embarrassed about that* *happy for the interruption as the waitress hands him the credit card receipt with his card* Thanks. *signs the slip, returning the card and receipt to his wallet and pocketing it* *starts to stand* Ready? *watches her to see if she needs any assistance in getting down*
Rational Chriss: *slams her hand on the table to keep her balance, starting to slip down off her stool* *ends up slipping her foot, falling down into a crouch, thankfully not falling with her hand gripping the edge of the table* *starts laughing*
JR rugger05: *eyes widen, rushing to her side and grabbing her shoulders to keep her up* Woah! *can't help but grin himself as she laughs* You alright?
Rational Chriss: *looks up at him, biting down on her lip to try to keep from laughing, failing* You suck for getting me druuuuunk.
JR rugger05: *grin widens* I suck? *laughs slightly, helping her stand up against him*
Rational Chriss: *leans her weight against him, her legs not wanting to keep her up* Yeah, it's all your fault!
JR rugger05: *looks down in her eyes, amused* I don't think you're up for hard ice, love.
Rational Chriss: *shakes her head* No, I'm okay. I have to see you fall...*starts laughing again at the thought, every little thing seeming amusing to her*
JR rugger05: *looks up towards the door to figure the distance he'll need to carry/drag her* Ok. Let's get some fresh winter air.
Rational Chriss: *still somewhat laughing, more like giggling now, stomps her feet down so she can get some grounding, trying to stand on her own*
JR rugger05: *looks down at her little dance and puts his arm across her back, stabilizing her* *lowers his face to her ear* Lean on me and we'll get out of here. I know you don't want me carrying you.
Rational Chriss: *with much amusement in her voice* Okay. *doesn't notice people staring at her as they make way towards the door*
JR rugger05: One ale.... okay then. *keeps his eyes up but avoids the looks from other people* Note for next time.
Rational Chriss: *leans about half her weight on him, walking to the door, tugging her on coat* *tilts her head up to look at him, grinning* *raises her hand to his face, tapping it* You are ADORABLE!
JR rugger05: *can't help but smile* *gives her an exaggerated nod and grin* Thank you. *pulls the coat on for her, wrapping her scarf around her neck and tucking it into her coat* You're not too bad yourself you know.
Rational Chriss: *puts a hand on her chest* I'm brilliant. I'm gonna be a huuuge designer and have famous models wear my stuff, and actors and actress will want me to design a dress for them to wear to awards shows and...stuff.
JR rugger05: I know you will be. *repeats what they seem to tell each other every so often as he fits her faux fur hat on her head* Don't forget about us little people, huh?
Rational Chriss: 'Course not. I have to take somebody to the top with me...
JR rugger05: *taps her nose and gives her head a pat* Ready for the ride. *pushes the door open to the bright outside, pulling his coat closed around him* Let's go.
Rational Chriss: *rolls her eyes as she walks through the door to outside, smiling* I meant Andy, duh! *stops relying on Josh to help her walk at some point, the cold air making her a bit more alert than she is*
JR rugger05: *grin fades quickly, following her out* Ouch. Still able to cut deep while intoxicated.
Rational Chriss: *rolls her eyes* I was kidding...and besides, you're gonna be already up there with your tricks...trips on the runway.
JR rugger05: *comes up beside her, his hand on her back to make sure she's got her balance* Ok. But I promise this is my last hurrah.
Rational Chriss: *makes a face when she looks up at him* Uh huh...sure...
JR rugger05: *meets her eyes* *laughs slightly* Uh yeah. Quite.
Rational Chriss: *raises one eyebrow at him, trying to stare him down, failing on counts that she's actually shorter than him, and she's also still quite drunk, thus looking very ridiculous* *moves behind him, putting her hands on his shoulders, meaning to pull him down, but instead jumping on his back*
JR rugger05: *confused at where she's going, eyes bug when she hops up* *catches her legs with his hands* Woah... *hops slightly, scooting her up fully on his back* Need a ride? *continues walking* I thought I was the one along for the ride.
Rational Chriss: *wraps her arms around his shoulders* I was trying to pull you down, it's not my fault that you're too tall.
JR rugger05: Us models drink our milk.
Rational Chriss: And we fashionistas wear the heels. *puts her chin on his shoulder, not really caring all that much that he's walking around New York, carrying her on his back*
JR rugger05: So... *checks the street signs* which way's Rockefeller? *creating a white cloud every time he breathes out*
Rational Chriss: *her head quite close to his ear* How should I know?
JR rugger05: *turns in an almost complete circle, finally noticing a landmark* Ahh. *breathing a little heavier from carrying her* This way. Onward and upward. *carries her up the street*
Rational Chriss: *eyes droop, knowing it must be hard for him to carry her all the way to the ice skating rink, but so comfortable getting a piggy back ride*
JR rugger05: *not much fazed by carrying Chriss all the way to Rockefeller Center, lets her fall asleep (having felt her head bob more than once on his shoulder as she drifted off)* *pauses outside the crowded rink, knowing he should wake her before walking up to the rental window with her on his back* *turns his face to her* Chriss. *gives her legs a squeeze* Hey.
Rational Chriss: *groans slightly, burrowing her head lower on the back of his neck, not wanting to wake up*
JR rugger05: *smiles* *hops a bit to help her wake* Chriss. Hey.
Rational Chriss: *groans again, stirring* *mumbles* You're annoying even when I'm sleeping, it's not fair...
JR rugger05: *looks back out at the crowded rink, smiling wider* You're sleeping through your part of the deal.
Rational Chriss: Nn'm'not... *lets out a sigh, opening her eyes slowly, resting her chin on his shoulder tiredly* You're mean.
JR rugger05: *amused* I'm mean.... *continues walking up to the skate shop* I'm here ready for skating on a brisk winter day. And I play rugby, not ice hockey.
Rational Chriss: *sighs happily* That's why I'll win. *lifts her chin, tapping his shoulder, signaling him to put her down*
JR rugger05: *stops and releases his hold on her legs*
Rational Chriss: *lowers herself from his back, not as wobbly as before after that nap* *stretches, then taps her cheeks to make sure she's fully awake, ready for ice skating* Let's get the skates.
JR rugger05: *watches her as she moves past him towards the shop* *soon follows* Now by "skates"... you mean.... skates?
Rational Chriss: Of course, how else would you ice skate? With cleats? *snorts out a laugh, possibly still under the influence*
JR rugger05: Well no... *waits behind her at the window, only slightly curious as to what he'll be handed to put on*
Rational Chriss: *leans her elbows on the counter* Two adult admission, please. And...*looks in thought, her lips moving, trying to figure out something in her head* 6½ regular for me, and...*turns to Josh* What size shoe are you? And what kind of skates do you want?
JR rugger05: *eyebrows lift at the question of "kind"* Uh... ten. And... the ice skating type...?
Rational Chriss: Regular ice skates... *grabs the ones that the worker at the shop hands her* Like these, or hockey skates?
JR rugger05: *relieved, thinking "hockey" means male and "male" means "not the ice skating type"* No. Hockey. That's good.
Rational Chriss: *rolls eyes* Figures...*to the person behind the counter* Size 11, hockey skates.
Worker: *sends his coworker back to get the skates, while he rings them both up* That'll be $28.15.
JR rugger05: *hears the charge for the skates and steps forward quickly, pulling out his wallet* Oh! *fishing for some bills* Let me get that.
Rational Chriss: *feels a bad that he's spending so much money on them, though common knowledge that Chriss doesn't do dutch pay* I can pay...
JR rugger05: No s'fine. *puts the cash on the counter and picks up his skates as the other guy drops the pairs on the counter* *gives Chriss a grin* This'll be fun.
Rational Chriss: *rolls her eyes at him again, shaking her head* *walks over to the changing area, finding a free bench and taking off her boots*
JR rugger05: *stops in front of her as she pulls off one boot with a little difficulty* *motions at her other boot, meaning for her to lift her foot to him* Here, let me help.
Rational Chriss: *acting skeptical, hiding a smile* It's not an excuse to grope me in public, is it? *puts both her hands down on the bench to keep herself up as she lifts her foot*
JR rugger05: *takes a hold of her heel and toe* *smiles at her* I didn't know you liked your feet groped. *tugs on her heel, twisting the boot slightly to ease it off* *puts it on the ground when he has it off and sits across from her on a bench to tackle his own boots*
Rational Chriss: *doesn't roll her eyes this time, finding that they hurt due to a small headache* You're so funny today... *picks up her skates, loosening the laces to fit her foot inside*
JR rugger05: *busily unlacing his black boots* I try. *sits back, pulling his shoe off and meets her eyes* *notices she looks kind of down, but not chalking it up to a headache* You should call Andrea later. Wish her a good new year's... eve.. thing.
Rational Chriss: *shifts her gaze away from his face* Is my face a book now? *laces up her skates, moving on to the other one* She's still mad, she won't return my calls...to her mobile or at home.
JR rugger05: *watches her a moment then returns to changing shoes* I'm sure she'd like a message just the same. *finishes lacing on his own skates in silence*
Rational Chriss: *nods, finishing lacing her skates, standing to make sure they feel right* *bends down and picks up her bag, boots, and takes his boots* I'm going to go get a locker...
JR rugger05: *looks up at her, hands on the bench on either side of him* Sure. *stands, wobbly right away, grabbing her arm to keep from falling* Woah!
Rational Chriss: *takes a hold of his arm to keep him steady* You can't even balance, how are you going to do a jump?
JR rugger05: *looks in her eyes, his own a bit shocked* Jump? *looks down at his feet* Right... *finds his balance* sure. Gimme like a warm up run.
Rational Chriss: *nods her head towards the rink* Go ahead, let me go put these things away.
JR rugger05: *grips her arm tighter, eyes back at hers* Wait!
Rational Chriss: *looks at him with wide eyes* What?
JR rugger05: *a bit frantic that she was going to leave him stand here on his own* Well.... *tries to hide his fear* aren't you going to the rink too?
Rational Chriss: I will, after I put these away. *motions at the shoes* Go do your practice run, I'll be right there.
JR rugger05: *loosens his grip on her arm so she doesn't know he can't even stand on these things* *nods, shooing her away* Go on. Catch you out there.
Rational Chriss: *amused* Okay. *goes to the lockers, finding a free one to put their things in, feeding it a quarter and takes out the key* *heads towards the rink*
JR rugger05: *has made his way to the rink, only knocking over one teenage girl and her Coke* *is now standing along the side boards, looking down and nodding, occasionally saying something*
Rational Chriss: *walks over to him, wondering what he's doing* How is it going?
JR rugger05: *to the girl he's talking to* Hang on a second. *looks up at Chriss* Hey. Find a locker alright?
Rational Chriss: Yes. *shows him the key before she pockets it* But why are you talking to yourself all of the sudden?
JR rugger05: *eyebrows raise* My-? Oh! *motions at the girl he was talking to* This... this is Sandy. *looks at the girl* Sandy, this is my g- *clears his throat, not sure how to title Chriss* great friend, Chriss.
Rational Chriss: *looks at him strangely, then looks down past the sideboards finding a little girl* Hi?
JR rugger05: *smiles, looking back at the little girl* You know Chriss lives in London too. She talks just as funny as me. *leans a little towards her with a grin* If not more so.
Rational Chriss: *puts a hand up to push his face away* Don't believe a word he says. *goes around to the side to enter the rink, gliding on to it with ease, going back over to Josh and the little girl*
JR rugger05: *grins as one of Sandy's friends comes by and grabs her arm to skate with her* Go ahead. Thanks for the tip. *gives her a wave then laughs when she tells Chriss to help him not fall*
Rational Chriss: I knew it, you can’t skate at all.
JR rugger05: *shrugs, lifting both palms, quick to grab onto the wall again as he slips a bit* I didn't exactly say I could.
Rational Chriss: *starts to skate backwards slowly away from the wall, spinning once then gliding back to him* Get away from the wall...
JR rugger05: What? No.
Rational Chriss: How are you ever going to do a jump?
JR rugger05: I will. *releases the wall with one of his hands* I just need to get my bearings. *painstakingly lets go with the other hand somehow keeping his balance on the ice, though not moving*
Rational Chriss: Here, give me your hands... *takes a hold of his hands, skating backwards, leading him forward*
JR rugger05: Wait! Don't go fast. *sort of walks forward on the ice, quickly reaching for her other hand for support*
Rational Chriss: Don't stomp on the ice, you'll ruin it. Glide, Josh, glide. *looks over her shoulder occasionally to make sure she doesn't run into anyone*
JR rugger05: *staring down at the ice, glancing from his feet to hers* It's slippery. *slips a bit and falls immediately, hugging Chriss on the way down* Oof!
Rational Chriss: *yelps, falling with him down to the ice, though safe since she fell on top of him* Josh!
JR rugger05: *stays down on the ice, staring up at the sky* Ow. *loosens his hold on her so she can get up* Sorry.
Rational Chriss: It's okay, just be careful. *gets up, looking a bit irritated that her pants got a bit wet* *holds out a hand to Josh*
JR rugger05: *looks up at her as he sits up* *shakes his head, waving her hand off, not wanting to pull her back down* I got it. *stands slowly, finding his footing* I'll get it.
Rational Chriss: *watches him struggling to get up* You're sure?
JR rugger05: *nods, taking a step on the ice* Cake.
Rational Chriss: *goes around in circles around him* Not bad.
JR rugger05: *keeps walking, occasionally attempting a glide, forward as she skates around him* *laughs* You know, you're just making me dizzy here.
Rational Chriss: *skates a distance away from him, picking up speed and doing a spin*
JR rugger05: *watches her* And now you're showing off.
Rational Chriss: *breaks out of the spin, skating on only one foot, then doing a spinning jump, landing on one foot again* *skates back over to Josh* I haven't done it in a couple of years.
JR rugger05: *surprised at her ability* *deadpan* Yeah, it shows.
Rational Chriss: It wasn't bad considering I'm still drunk... *leans against the side wall, gripping it tight when she slips a little bit, hoping no one noticed* And it's not like I'm making you do anything fancy shmancy.
JR rugger05: *shakes his head, returning his attention to skating* I was kidding. And I'll do a jump. I'm getting this. *starts gliding more instead of stepping, soon getting overly confident* *turns to her to smile and falls back on his ass* Wh-woah!
Rational Chriss: *covers her mouths so she doesn't laugh out loud at him, going over to him, crouching down to his side* Are you okay?
JR rugger05: *grimacing* No. Ice is hard. *sucks in through his teeth as he tries to get back up*
Rational Chriss: *wonders if he's still drunk too* Of course ice is hard, it's not like it's mud...*snorts a laugh at the memory of the rugby game, then looks sad at the thought of Andy*
JR rugger05: *gets to his feet with her help, brushing the ice shavings from his butt* Now I'm determined... *notices her face* What's wrong? I'm not giving up yet.
Rational Chriss: *shakes her head, dusting off some ice shavings on his arm distractedly* I was just thinking about the rugby game.
JR rugger05: *searches her face cautiously* ...yeah?
Rational Chriss: *shakes her head again, looking up at his face with a slightly forced smile* Nothing. Just that all the falling you're doing today is payback for the time you tackled me.
JR rugger05: *smiles slightly* Oh, I see. *skates off, a little wobbly at first but then pretty steady* *calls back* Better no? As long as I just keep going straight.
Rational Chriss: *smiles slightly, amused with Josh and the fact that he's trying so hard to cheer her up* A little, you're not a pro yet, so keep your eyes forward.
JR rugger05: *skates to the wall then turns, resting against it* Oh, I'm totally going pro. I'm gonna be one of those Disney characters on ice. *pushes off, heading back towards her* *stops mid-way and turns, trying to move backwards as he saw her do*
Rational Chriss: Don't get ahead of yourself now, you need a license to wear one of those Finding Nemo suits.
JR rugger05: *actually picks up the backwards movement better than the forward* *skates back to her* *grins* A license to thrill, love.
Rational Chriss: *rolls her eyes and skates away from him* I don't know you.
JR rugger05: *follows her, skating forward again and actually keeping up now* Oh, we're playing this game again? I bet I can keep up with you.
Rational Chriss: Whatever! I bet you can't. *picks up her speed a bit, but not TOO much*
JR rugger05: *is soon able to skate up alongside her* *looks over with a grin* Hi.
Rational Chriss: *looks at him smugly, not holding back anymore* Bye. *goes on ahead, practically speed skating through groups of people in the rink, still able to get back to Josh after she completes a lap*
JR rugger05: *laughs at her* Fine, you're a little more veteraned at this than me. But I'm not doing all tha-woah! *crashes into a young guy who stopped in the middle of their path* *tackles him to the ice with a hard thud*
Rational Chriss: *quickly swerves so that she doesn't fall along with them, coming to a stop, shaving the ice on Josh and the boy (not on purpose) as she does* *hits her forehead with the palm of her hand* God, Josh. You have to remember, ice skating, not rugby.
JR rugger05: *struggles to get off the guy he's entangled with, apologizing over and over, though also pointing out the fact that he was stopped in the middle of the rink* *when he eventually gets up and helps the guy up, looks at Chriss as he brushes off the ice on his back and arm* This is a dangerous sport.
Rational Chriss: Only if you don't know how to ice skate...it's not like in rugby where you go tackling people randomly...but then again, you're special...
JR rugger05: *lifts an eyebrow* Special's a bad thing?
Rational Chriss: Not...all the time.
JR rugger05: *looks down at her* Just when you're referring to me? *smiles crookedly* Come on, I'm ready for my jump.
Rational Chriss: *her hands on her waist, looking intimidating as if she’s an instructor of some sort* Go. I have eyes, I know how to watch.
JR rugger05: *smiles fades* But I don't know how to jump. *hops up from the ice, only clearing a few inches* Other than that.
Rational Chriss: And that SO doesn't count as a jump
JR rugger05: *lifts his palms* I know! You have to show me. *glides forward, going around her and watching her* Come on.
Rational Chriss: *sighs, gliding forward and picking up some speed, going toward the middle out of people's way* *does just a plain jump, landing back on the ice with one foot and coming around with a small spin out of habit* *goes back to Josh, grabbing his hand to slow herself down* Like that.
JR rugger05: *watching the ice where she landed, slowly nods his head* Alright. *looks down at her* One foot to the other then.
Rational Chriss: Don't hurt yourself. You have a show to worry about and you can't show up with a bunch of bruises.
JR rugger05: *makes a face* We've already made this into a wager. Broken bones or broken ego. Either way I lose. *gives her a smiles, then sets off into the crowd to gain a little speed before attempting his jump*
Rational Chriss: *watches him, nervously biting down on her lip as she does*
JR rugger05: *as the crowd thins out in one section, sticks out his tongue slightly and hops, barely off the ice, from his left foot to his right, spinning his body 180 degrees in the air to do so* *surprised he actually landed, though he really didn't leave the ice for much time, looks up for Chriss excitedly, soon crashing into a middle-aged woman with her daughter*
Rational Chriss: *gasps, covering her mouth and immediately skating over to them, to help the lady and her daughter up*
JR rugger05: *shakes his head clear as he tries to sit up, having gotten elbowed by the woman on their way down*
Rational Chriss: *apologizes to the woman as she helps her stand up, her daughter too, explaining it's Josh's first time on the ice* He's just majorly accident prone. *turns to Josh when the woman and her daughter move on, helping him get back up once again*
JR rugger05: *grimacing as he gets up* So... I win.
Rational Chriss: That wasn't a real jump. You hopped!
JR rugger05: *holding his head, as he grips her arm with the other to stand steady* Both feet left the ice. I jumped.
Rational Chriss: *digging her toe part of the blade into the ice to balance herself* But you fell!
JR rugger05: *eyes widen slightly* After I landed!
Rational Chriss: From a hop! Do over.
JR rugger05: A hop is a jump! I spun- *swings his arm out, hitting another person* *spins his head to look over at the woman holding her arm now* Oh god, I'm so sorry....
Rational Chriss: *shields her face with her hand, embarrassed to be seen with him* *moves her hand after the lady leaves, looks back at Josh and relenting, only to stop him from hurting more people* Fine. It was a jump. You win...just...cease the moving thing.
JR rugger05: *frowning slightly, also embarrassed that he's making quite a spectacle of himself* *turns back to her* I think I should get off the ice... before I get escorted off.
Rational Chriss: *nods, looking a little relieved* Good idea... *follows him off the ice, but reaches out to grab his hand before they're completely off*
JR rugger05: *turns to look back at her as he closes his fingers over hers*
Rational Chriss: *stops, making him stop as well, tugging on his hand to bring him closer and kissing him on the lips*
JR rugger05: *eyebrows lift as she kisses him, closing his eyes slowly to kiss her back*
Rational Chriss: *breaks the kiss after a short moment, only when she hears some catcalling from some on-lookers*
JR rugger05: *looking down at her when she opens her eyes to him* *with a soft smile* What was that for?
Rational Chriss: Practice. *starts moving again to get out of the way and to get off the rink, pulling Josh behind her by his hand*
JR rugger05: *smiles more, following her off the ice* *happy to be on non-slip land, walks with normalcy over to the benches and takes a seat across from her* Practice all you want.